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Tennesse Private Investigator

Thank you for visiting Country Investigations, a Board Licensed Tennessee Private Investigator.  We are proud to be considered among many family law attorney's as Metro Nashville's cheating and child custody specialist.  The fact we conduct roughly 500 plus cases (yes 500!) each and every year affords us the ability many detective agencies simply can't accomplish.  Country Investigations is also the only investigator in Tennessee that does not require an up-front retainer fee to further help people that are going through turbulent times.  In fact several other agencies have called to ask how it is we can even do this, as it's basically unheard in this industry.  Innovation and solving cases is why we get up in the morning each and every day.

Our experienced team understands the sensitive nature of the many situations our Tennessee clients face regarding a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or child custody issues.  Our first priority is to understand your unique needs keeping in mind all the information you provide is 100% confidential between you and our office.  We work with you as a team to tailor a custom investigation strategy to meet your objectives, and do so in an efficient manner for all parties involved from a cost to results standpoint.


If you need a private eye for a domestic nature then you have come to the right place, but please keep in mind we only take a case if we are confident we can be successful in delivering your desired results.  Thank you!



Tennesse Private Investigator

"I have never done this before"

 We are always told when someone calls “ I don’t even know what to ask as I have never done this before”  Don’t worry- luckily for you we have, and we have done it many many times!


It’s just like stopping by your local coffee shop for a cup of java…Tell them what you want, and they serve it up hot and ready to go!   ...so to speak


Your needs will obviously be different then some hot coffee, but the process is similar.  We’ll have a very easy going conversation where you simply give us an idea of what has been going on, what some of your thoughts are, and we shall in return utilize our experience to provide you some guidance in regard to what we can legally do, and a few ideas on how to execute your desired wants or needs.

    How does that saying go? .............Easy as 1, 2, 3!  Call now for an easy free consultation


All our Tennessee investigators have passed a standard of ethics prior to becoming a part of our team. Your 100 percent confidentiality is our top priority and will remain so forever!


CELEBRITY and POLITICAL FIGURES....Confidentiality will never be an issue

Tenneesse Private Investigator


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